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The 4SIGHT Newsletter is an opportunity to share current events in the Embedded Systems Product Development Industry, as well as offering valuable advice and insights into Safety Assurance.

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Carl Conti, CEO

President and founder Carl Conti has the experience and vision to help you achieve your product development goals. Email or call Carl directly to discuss what SIL4 can do for you.



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The World Around you... just got safer!

TIME and FOCUS ... are our greatest challenges in 2012!

2012 promises to be a TIME of greater competition, tight development budgets, short component life-cycle, and even shorter TIME-to-market demands. Isn't it TIME you discover what SIL4 Systems can do for you in your Safety or High Reliability Embedded Product Development? Let us FOCUS on any aspect of your embedded product development life-cycle. Or let us help you choose one of our game-changing, application-ready platforms that will help you achieve record-breaking speed to new product introduction.

Safety / High Reliability Embedded Product Development

SIL4 Systems excels at designing and implementing embedded hardware and software to fit customer needs. If you are planning new Product development for 2012 and don't quite have the resources or bandwidth, we can engage quickly and work from any level of specification. Our engineers can help you certify your products meet whatever standards you require.


SIL4 assists companies in accelerated TIME-to-market introduction, allowing them to stay FOCUSED on their core competency in your market.

Just this past year, we've helped a game-changing medical device company reach FDA Class II Safety Approval with key architecture design guidance and process improvements, and a Wind Turbine Pitch control systems company safety assure their new design to a SIL3 level.

We can also help your company by safety-assuring an existing design, or making an existing design or product more robust - all the while keeping you focused on your core competency in the marketplace.
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